At Thinkways, we believe in providing workshops that not only challenge and engage children but also expose them to new ideas and experiences. Our past workshops reflect this commitment, offering a diverse array of enriching activities. From the captivating world of forensic science in “Young Detectives” to the fascinating exploration of human anatomy in the “Young Doctors” series, each workshop is designed to ignite curiosity and inspire a love for learning. We continue to create dynamic and innovative experiences that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration in young minds. Here are just some of the workshops we have run in the past.


Young Doctors Series

Discover the wonders of the human body with our ever popular Young Doctors series of workshops. Dive into the intricate systems of digestion, kidneys, muscles, nerves, bones, lungs, brain, heart, and eyes through immersive hands-on experiences. Led by a gifted and talented educator with over a decade of expertise and supported by our experienced Emergency Nurse, each workshop offers a unique journey into anatomy, fostering critical thinking and anatomical knowledge. Perfect for inquisitive children aspiring to medical fields or simply eager to explore the marvels of the human body with like-minded peers. Maximum fun and exploration, but not for the fainthearted!


Young Detectives

Step into the captivating world of forensic science with our Young Detectives workshop! Dive into the techniques used by experts to analyse evidence and solve mysteries. Supported by specialists from the Centre for Forensic Anthropology at the University of WA, participants will explore fingerprint analysis, deduce age and height from x-rays and footprints, and distinguish between human and animal bones. Delve into the fascinating realm of blood spatter analysis, DNA extraction, and more, as you embark on an immersive journey into the world of forensic investigation.


Young Robotic Engineers

In collaboration with the UWA Robotics Club, we offer curious young minds an immersive experience in programming and robotics against the backdrop of the stunning university setting. Participants will delve into the basics of electronics and Arduino—a microcontroller board—by constructing a friendly robot that responds with a wave. Through hands-on activities, students will grasp foundational concepts in motors, sensors, and circuits, fostering experimentation and exploration. But this workshop isn't just about robotics; it's an opportunity for artistic expression as students craft and design their robot creations to take home. Moreover, an exclusive tour of the UWA Robotics Club facilities will provide deeper insights into the dynamic field of robotics. Guided by expert members of the UWA Robotics Club, this workshop promises to ignite creativity while honing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Young Structural Engineers

Explore the intricate factors considered in designing sturdy bridges, towering structures, and even ensuring the safety of fragile eggs dropped from great heights. Delve into the principles of structural design theory, investigating the forces of compression, span, and tension that shape our built environment. Through engaging hands-on activities such as the Bridge Build, Tallest Tower, and the thrilling Egg Drop Challenge, students will hone their planning, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. This workshop offers a dynamic and enriching experience, empowering young minds to explore and develop their engineering prowess while collaborating with peers who share their passion.


Young Chess Masters

“Every chess master was once a beginner.” This workshop offers a captivating journey for beginners eager to delve into the timeless game of strategy and intellect. Under expert guidance, participants will learn the fundamentals of chess, including essential openings, strategies, and tactics employed by seasoned professionals. Amidst friendly matches, ample opportunities will arise for hands-on practice and exploration. Beyond the board, engaging in chess fosters concentration, memory, and self-esteem, while nurturing crucial collaborative and interactive skills. Unlock the potential of your mind through the art of chess, where every move brings you closer to mastery.

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