Thinkways is different. It was founded in 2015 by a scientist and fully qualified, registered teacher with over 10 years experience in gifted and talented education. Thinkways soon established itself as a trusted, government recognised, independent Australian educational organisation delivering unique and highly specialised science workshops for inquisitive children in Perth, Western Australia. The program allows young children to collaborate and work together with like minded peers in an enriching, challenging and engaging environment. 

Our aims:

  • Nurture children’s unique interests and abilities by providing stimulating programs that open them up to new ideas and experiences.
  • Give children the opportunity to explore an area of unique interest which are usually not available until high school or university years.
  • Support children with high learning potential to develop a growth mindset by praising the process, practice and hard work that allows achievement of true potential.
  • Encourage intellectual risk taking and embrace failures as a part of the learning process.
  • Work with families, schools, universities and professionals to support children with high learning potential.

Our beliefs:

  • Positive, lifelong learning for all, encompassing an appropriate, ambitious and equally challenging education for every young person including those with high learning potential.
  • The importance of constructive partnerships that serve the best interests of young people with high learning potential.
  • The value of young people, parents, universities and schools as full partners in the learner’s education; developing skills and confidence to enable them to play this equal role.
  • The importance of raising awareness about and advocating for the needs of young people with high learning potential and their families.
  • Retaining our independent voice of Western Australia representing young people with high learning potential.
  • Fully recognising the link between the educational needs and social and emotional needs of young people with high learning potential and supporting the whole person holistically.

Understanding the needs of these high potential learners and ensuring their learning is encouraged and stimulated is vital and is where Thinkways can help. We strive to give them the resilience and support needed to meet their social and emotional needs so that they can develop to their maximum.

The workshops are run by fully qualified, registered teachers with over 10 years experience in delivering specialised gifted and talented educational programs who are assisted by experts in their field.

Workshops are held in school holidays at various locations in the Perth and regional Western Australia.

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